Our Team

PJB was founded with heartfelt convictions – empower communities through better infrastructure, and build an institution of excellence where our people are empowered, happy and contented. Our convictions are woven into our conscience and for over two decades we have done just that.

The mission continues. Our company belongs to our people and all of us are members of a growing PJB family. While all our members are responsible for our success, some of the key decision makers within our family are.

Baby Joseph - Founder and Managing Director

With more than 3 decades of experience in the field of infrastructure engineering, Mr Joseph utilises his extensive process knowledge to guide long term strategic direction at PJB. He is also responsible for customer leadership, operational excellence and brand management.

Passionate about community welfare, Mr Joseph spearheads PJB’s investment in synergistic partnering and social causes.

He was felicitated by the Government of Karnataka in recognition of his efforts to build better infrastructure.

Mr Joseph is also the Chairman and co-founder of Biozeen (Bangalore Biotech Labs Private Ltd), an upstream biotechnology company based in Bangalore, India. He was an ex-director at Sartorius India Private Ltd, a subsidiary of the German company, Sartorius AG.

A staunch believer in the power of entrepreneurship and human capital, Mr Joseph leverages his extensive management and investment experience to guide and promote several start-up companies.

Paul Varghese – Business Head and Director (Operations and Technology)

As Business head and Director, Mr Varghese manages PJB’s Transportation and Environmental divisions. With a Masters in structural engineering and more than two decades of experience in the field of infrastructure projects, Mr Varghese also guides the companywide technology direction and adoption.

Mr Varghese started his career in the Indian Railways as an engineer. Not satisfied with status quo and embarking on entrepreneurial opportunities, Mr Varghese joined PJB to make a difference. Over the years, he has designed and executed several vital public infrastructure projects.

Mr Varghese is passionate about the role of education in our society and constantly looks for ways to nurture it.

Benny Kuriakose – Business Head and Director (Operations)

An engineer with more than two decades of experience in project management and execution, Mr Kuriakose manages the Power, Petrochemical and Industrial Plant divisions at PJB.

Mr Kuriakose began his career at PJB and grew with the company to become its Business head and Director. He has executed several infrastructure projects with profound industrial significance.

A people champion, Mr Kuriakose strives to generate employment opportunities across sections of the society.